For Tribal members, the Natural Resources Department offers several environmental services. For Tribal members concerned about lead in their homes, the Tribe offers free home inspections by a state-certified inspector. We also offer radon test kits; radon is a common, naturally occurring indoor air pollutant that is known to cause lung cancer, which can also be present in well water. Water testing for well water is also available free of charge to all Tribal members. In general, any Tribal member with a concern about their home environment can contact the Natural Resources Department.

The Tribe also recognizes that water quality begins at home, and as such has installed composting toilets at the Tribal administration building, installed a grey water system that filters pollutants while feeding plants in the building itself, and begun using environmentally-friendly cleaning and paper products at the Tribal building and in the Elder Services cleaning program.

A clean environment is essential to us all, and the Tribe’s Natural Resources Department is proud to be leading the way.


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