Natural Resources

In striving to protect the environment and improve the lives of Tribal members, The Natural Resources Department recognizes that sound knowledge of the natural world must be the foundation of resource management. With that in mind, the Department has initiated several projects to improve our understanding of wildlife biology, in order to manage resources more effectively.

While the study of biology ranges throughout the Department’s programs, nowhere is the biologist’s role more important than in the Bay Scallop Restoration Program and the Winter Flounder Restoration Project. In addition, biology is critical to our search for Chronic Wasting Disease among the Island’s large white-tail deer population.

The Department is part of the Island’s Marine Mammal Stranding network that springs into action when a whale or seal is in distress. The Tribe assists outside researchers in monitoring of endangered shorebirds such as the piping plover, and of mammals such as the river otter and skunk.


Hunting, Fishing, Gathering

Wildlife Management



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