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The Wampanoag Tribe feels a strong responsibility to the Island community, and as residents of the Island’s smallest town, feels a special bond with the Town of Aquinnah. As a consequence, the Natural Resources Department has become a part of the emergency response network. The Department employs two Tribal Conservation Rangers, both of whom are Aquinnah Special Police Officers and Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs). The Director of the Natural Resources Department, Bret Stearns, is also an Aquinnah Special Police Officer and an EMT.

The Tribe also contributes thousands of dollars annually in support of the Tri-Town ambulance. The last two Tri-Town ambulances were, in fact, donated by the Tribe for the safety and security of all Up-Island residents. In addition, the Department has conducted several training events for all Island emergency responders, including events on hazardous materials and multi-casualty incidents.

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