aquinnah ranger
Aquinnah Ranger on Patrol

The Wampanoag Aquinnah Ranger Service was created to protect the Tribe’s Cultural, Natural and Environmental Resources from degradation and trespass. Led by Curtis Chandler, the Rangers are the public face of the Natural Resources Department, enforcing both Tribal regulations and public law, and serve a wide variety of functions from public safety to scientific research to necessary field work. The Tribal Rangers also have responsibility for Emergency Preparedness planning that benefits both the Tribe and the Town of Aquinnah.

aquinnah ranger

Rangers respond to assist boaters, animals in distress, investigate environmental crimes, monitor Tribal land use development, interpret flora and fauna, preserve and protect archaeological resources, assist with Search and Rescue and emergency medical situations. The Tribe has an extensive history of assisting seafarers who have succumbed to the ocean. Most notably Tribal members were recognized for search and rescue efforts to the crew and passengers of the ill-fated vessel City of Columbus. This medallion was awarded to one of those Tribal members who assisted with the City of Columbus rescue.


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